The crewing Company A1 Lighthouse of the Black Sea (A1LBS) was founded in 1997 and is located in the historical central part of the City of Odessa. Our relatively small family owned enterprise A1LBS continues to operate successfully despite tough competition on the crewing market here in Odessa. This is in great measure because of unique priority it has over other similar companies. The priority in that the undersigned worked within Ministry of Transport of Ukraine as the founder of Seafarers? Certification System in Ukraine and as Director of State Agency for Certification & Registration of Seafarers of Ukraine, later as deputy head of the Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers and knows very well the background and level of qualification of many of Ukrainian seamen, the advantage that cannot be overestimated. It might also be of interest to you that the undersigned was leader of the group of architects who were ultimately responsible that the Ukraine was accepted, as a member of the IMO, to WHITE LIST. (continue)

8, Ekaterininskaya square, office 2a,
Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel/fax: +380 48 729 3093